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Please remember that just because I keep Solstice free for you to use and without advertisements doesn't mean it is free for me to run. Your contributions toward this project are greatly appreciated!

There are many ways in which people can contribute to this project. The easiest way is to play the game, give feedback, and be an active part of the community forums. Having people involved is very rewarding.

Buy Stuff!
A great way to make a donation and get a cool product to help advertise is to purchase something from the store. Check out what is available from the shirt store by clicking the t-shirt below.


If you'd like to just make a monetary donation without buying something from the store, of course those are welcome as well!

Create Stuff!
Also, if you have some creative talents and would like to send in your Solstice related work I'll be happy to publish it on this site. Creative contributions can be anything from artistic renderings (items, scenes, characters, etc.) to writing (lore, storylines, character biographies, etc.).

Of course there are probably other ways you can contribute, if you have your own ideas let me know!


Jeff Cardillo - Original concept, architecture, and programming.
Adam Bellmore - World Design Lead and Donation of the G4 XServe currently hosting Solstice.
Yasmin Mahmood - Donation of the original Development and Testing Web Server.

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